So… school is starting in a week and I am all hyped up in the most negative way ever ^^;;; Anyway, I’ve been watching quite a lot of movies and viola! Here’s my Top 5 Korean movies without any horror genre in it (:

#5- 200 pounds beauty

I shall not talk about the synopsis because I am very sure that you know about it. Instead, let’s move on to other issues. I’ve watched this movie a lot of time (10 times or so) and it should make its way up to the first or second spot but it didn’t.

The reason why I ranked it at 5th is firstly because…I’ve watched it way too many times. What? Blame it on local TV channels for broadcasting it every year! Sometimes, it gets a little unbearable when you watch a movie of someone trying to act superficial which actually IS the gist of the entire film.

However, if you haven’t catch 200 pounds beauty yet, I will strongly recommend the movie. For anyone who is strongly against people, idols especially for having plastic surgery, I hope that you can change your mind set about it. It is a huge leap for anyone when they try to boost their self-esteem by changing their own looks and sometimes it’s so successful that they become plastic on the inside as well. And that was what happened to Jenny in the movie. –Full Movie with English Subtitles


#4- Hello Ghost

This is the cutest movie ever, really family orientated (:

A young man whom no longer had any directions in his life decided to kill himself but being an unlucky man, he failed every single time. As he landed up in the hospital, he came in contact with many ghosts which followed him home.

A woman who was found crying in the doctor’s cabinet, a young child who loves eating, and two men, one of them loves taking photographs and the other a pervert. With these dynamic personalities, the movie is an awesome deal you just have to catch. What I love the most would actually be the ending because there’s a HUGE twist to everything. No, it’s nothing like sixth sense and no one else is going to die.

So, YES you should REALLY catch this movie (: –Hello Ghost with English Subtitles


#3- Speedy Scandal

I just have to watch this film at least once a year because it’s just too awesome. I’ve never seen anything like this and I came to conclusion that the actor Cha Tae-Hyun is probably one of the best actors I’ve ever seen.  As a former teen idol, Nam Hyeon Soo’s (Tae-Hyun) fame never died down even in his late thirties.

Then on a particular night, he found a girl claiming to be his daughter and a young child as his grandson (BAM, HIS LIFE IS GONE IN A SECOND). But their relationship as a family is just so awesome, especially that child whom inherited the traits of his grandfather.

You can catch the film on youtube, and as a nice blogger, I will providing the links for some the movies 😀 –Speed Scandals With English Subtitles


#2- The Thieves

Caught this in the theatres for Kim Soohyun and ended up liking everyone else too. Not to beat around the bush, I will just keep things short (: After Macau Park, a shrewd thief stole an expensive jewel from an exhibition, a Korean theft ‘association’ went to Macau and met their Hong Kong counterparts to hunt down Macau Park. With Macau Park’s ex-lover in the league, there were even more complications that hindered their plans of stealing the jewel.

At the end of the movie, it turned out that Jun Ji-Hyun became my favorite character. Hehehehhe


#1- The Crucible

This would be the only non-comedic movie that make it into my top 5 korean movie list because I cried to this, really badly. The movie is based on a true story and there’s no reason you should doubt that because

1. It’s not The Haunting In Connecticut.

2. It’s based on a real school, the prosecutions are real and Korean citizens got so mad that they went on strike.

A single parent decided to become a teacher in a hearing-impaired school and he found out that the children were physically and sexually abused by their teachers. What’s the most painful thing about this is that no one really cared and those abusive morons actually got away with whatever they’ve done because they were backed up with many notable political figures.

The whole movie revolves around how Gong Yoo and a counselor stepped in and try to make a difference in the children’s lives. Just a spoiler however, they succeeded but only to an extent because the culprits who caused so much harm to those helpless children did not get the punishment they should have gotten.

It’s one movie that never fails getting me agitated and I’m really glad this came to light as a film to stop this inhumane activity. –The crucible trailer

So these are my top 5 korean movies. ((: If you have any other better films to recommend, please do! Hehehe